Fotografia, dove l’occhio umano non arriva: Gigapixel

Fotografia in Gigapixel: uno scatto dove l’occhio umano non arriva!
Il fotografo Jean-François Rauzier ha realizzato alcune immagini suggestive di luoghi irreali, ottenuti combinando moltissime fotografie in un’unica immagine.

Gigapixel photographs are generally created by snapping a large number of photos of a scene using a special robotic camera rig, and then stitching those images together afterward using special software. Jean-François Rauzier creates similarly massive images, except his “hyperphotos” are all stitched together by hand.

Judith B. Herman of Slate writes that the Paris-based photographer started out shooting fashion in the 1970s. When the digital age rolled around, he realized that he could finally execute the grand ideas that had been brewing in his mind.

Rauzier creates large images showing seemingly endless fantasy worlds by compositing actual photos. How big are his images? When they’re printed, they’re as wide as two school buses.


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