Fotografia “Street”, sette consigli

Sette consigli  per la “Street Photography”

I’ve been capturing strangers for a long time and while I’ve become much more confident and carefree, sometimes I still wake up feeling like when I first started.

Photographing people on the streets candidly from close distances can be petrifying, especially if you’re naturally introverted like I am.  The most common comment I see about street photography is that people are too nervous to try it or that they go out to try it and then freeze up.

We all froze up.  We all freeze up.  Street photography is so rewarding once you fight through these humps, especially if you’re introverted, but the problem is that most people stop before they learn to get through it.

So if you’re completely new to street photography or haven’t had much practice with it,  what is the process or the techniques to help you get over your fears?  Ultimately, time and practice is the only true way to do it, but there many steps you can take to make it easier on yourself from the very beginning.


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