60 scatti per una immagine spettacolare


Immagine spettacolare composta da ben 60 scatti ed elaborata in HDR da Pat Kavanagh, come spiega nella sua pagina di flickr  

Here is a re-edit of an image I took about 1 1/2 years ago. I thought I would re-do it because…hey…I am better at editing. Thanks to “HDR Efex Pro 2” trial download for putting my 60 images through the program to make an HDR image. Easy to use, fast and did everything I wanted and more.

A few days after posting the original image on Flickr my hits took off on it and to this day it is my highest rated image with over 50,000 views with 289 marked favorites. Eventually it was on Yahoo’s home page, printed in newspapers around the world as well as me doing a TV and Radio interview…pretty wild time considering I was going on vacation a few days later.

I took these images from my rooftop after my wife and I saw this storm coming up. I could see that the cloud was beginning to twist into a tornado with a rainbow underneath it….how weird is that?! It was 8pm with the sun setting which made the color of everything on the yellow/orange side.

It was sunny all day until we heard thunder. This storm was moving away from me otherwise my wife might have yelled me down from the roof. The neighbours were out watching too. It was quite the spectacle. The result of this storm is that it faded away into cloud patterns but not before dumping golf-ball sized hail on farms 3 miles out of town. There was major damage to cars, trucks, roofs with a few horses being spooked!

For this image I used up 12 shots and stitched them into one HDR image. For each of the 12 shots I made 5 additional images with exposure adjustments of 0+1+2-1-2 and combined them in each of the 12 groups through HDR Efex Pro 2 – great program and easy to use. The stitching of the images was done in Photoshop including all the tweaks. 60 images in total went in to making this picture.

I did extensive tone work to get the look I was after.


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